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Yusufs VW Golf MK2 GL

Written: May 2022

We were standing on the strip in Velden one of the evenings and got chatting to a bunch of German lads, enjoying the lunacy that was going on in front of us as M4's and MK3 Golfs on anti-lag left lines of rubber on the towns perfectly paved streets.

One of the lads mentioned he had seen me take some photos of his MK2 Golf and asked if I could send them over. We got chatting, one thing led to another and we agreed to meet and photograph the car properly the following day.

I love the look of this little base 'GL' spec MK2 and it does nothing for my desire to own a small bumper Golf like this. It sits on Airlift Performance 3P air suspension over a beautiful set of face-mounted BBS RF.

It's an extremely simple build with the interior almost completely stock save for a wooden Nardi steering wheel and matching gearknob. I forgot to find out at the time but this car must be a low mileage example as everything was in pristine condition for its age.

Unfortunately we picked a bit of a dull day to shoot and I've never really been happy with the images I shot, hence the brief post. However, it only increases my desire to get back to the lake in 2023 so I can shoot more cars in more detail using the skill-set I have now.


Location: Faak am See, Austria

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