Yannik's BMW E28 for Stanceworks

On our third trip to Worthersee in 2019, I was standing on the side of the Velden strip, cheering on lunatics doing burnouts and got chatting to these German lads beside us.

Yannik, the owner of the E28, had spotted me grabbing a few shots of it earlier in the day and asked if I'd like to shoot it.

Thanks to Mike Burroughs, the shoot made it to the pages of Stanceworks.com, a website I've read weekly for years now. Being part of the forum back in the day and enjoying the many build threads, it was an honour to see my work on the front page of the site.

You can read the full feature here - https://stanceworks.com/2020/07/knowing-what-you-want-yannik-maiers-1987-bmw-e28-520i-photographed-by-ross-delaney/

Owner: Yannik Maier (IG: @maiery_)

Location: Faakersee, Austria