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William's VW Golf MK3 GTI

Written: August 2020

Back in 2019, after a day spent shooting rally cars at the Ulster Rally, I had a few hours spare so I sent William a text and he pulled his MK3 GTi out of the garage for a few photographs.

William is a big advocate of keeping cars OEM+. Tastefully upgrading choice components while retaining the overall originality and integrity of the car. When it comes to modifying cars, the original design language and heritage of the car can often be lost - a main reason I dislike the latest craze of bolt-on over fenders.

The exterior of this particular VW Golf MK3 GTI has remained pretty standard aside from a rare Zender front lip and Hella colour magic tail-lights. William has fitted a set of custom 3-piece BBS longbeach wheels which nestle under the arches thanks to Airlift Performance air suspension.

Inside the same theme continues with a custom re-trimmed Recaro interior and rare Raid steering wheel. Everything else is standard Volkswagen GTI trim.

For a long time, the MK3 has been considered the runt of the Golf pack. The one nobody wants. It intrigues me how in the past year or two the MK3 has been somewhat resurrected into a desirable vehicle. For good reason too, as they've been growing on me. The last of the old, classic Golf shapes? I think so.


Owner: William Cornett (@williamcornett96)

Location: Armagh, Northern Ireland

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