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Ultrace Event 2017

Written: June 2021

Detail. That’s the word that defines this event for me. Never have I been to an event that has had so much detail and time put into its presentation.

For me, as far as stanced and modified car shows go, Ultrace (Formerly Raceism Event) is the pinnacle. 700 cars placed perfectly around a football stadium in the beautiful city of Wroclaw, Poland. Sun baking down in 30 degree heat and all this happening to the sound track of 30+ super low, properly styled drift cars ripping around a track situated in the carpark below the show grounds.

Ultrace is a photographer’s nightmare. Thankfully for me I managed to obtain a media pass, allowing me in at 9am both mornings to photograph the stunning array of cars before the considerably large crowds flooded in at 11am. And that’s exactly what they were, a stunning array.

The standard of cars here was through the roof. Nothing has been overlooked with these builds, every little detail is unique and styled in an original way, keeping each car interesting. What other show in the world would you find a bagged, widebody R35 GTR with more canards and fins than one could swing a cat at, sat next to a Fiat 126p Maluch.

Car of the show went to said R35, designed by Maxton Design and owned by Lukasz Pajak, it came up trumps in Ultrace’s unique Top 16 style voting system. Second place went to Thomas Bodtker’s freshly retrimmed widebody Subaru Impreza STI, the crowd cheering louder for the black Nissan and narrowly beating it.

This beautiful BMW 3-series stole a considerable amount of my attention when I walked past it and probably because I have a special place in my heart for E30 BMW’s. The owner travelled the whole way from Norway to attend the event and we’re glad he did.

Finally, the drifting. Next Level Drift and Style Bangers are a group of drifters from Poland who are all about stance and style. I’m an avid drift fan and this style of drifting is exactly what I love. There was no 1000hp V8’s and wisefab steering arms here, just super low, aggressively styled, hard driven M3’s and Silvia’s which entertained the massive crowd all weekend long.

Words really cannot describe the feeling of two supercharged widebody E46 M3’s sliding in close tandem just inches from your feet as I tried to grab some shots that weren’t shook or overexposed.

For those wanting to see the best there is in stance, Ultrace is the event to attend. Set on the outskirts of a beautiful, classical city, it really is the perfect weekend away. Oh, and the pizza’s only cost £4.


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Location: Wroclaw, Poland

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