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The Deane Motors Speed Meet

The 2022 motorsport season has well and truly kicked off. For the third weekend in a row, my lens has been pointed at something fast and it really does feel great.

On Saturday afternoon I had the afternoon spare and with Storm Eunice looking like she'd keep her distance for a few hours, I called into Mondello Park, knowing there was a private track-day taking place.

I had the privalege of taking along the silver 996 Turbo you see below which, incidentally, formerly belonged to the track-day hosts, Deane Motors. However, I'll share more on that car during the week.

I recently saw a window sticker on a classic car that said, "catch memories, not dust" and that was a fitting description for the guys who brought out rare and sought-after cars to this event. I'm guilty of never driving my classic car in wet weather but these owners didn't care. Cars are made to be driven after all.

I always enjoy the level of variety these private track-days offer. Sure, there were multiple BMW M cars but amongst them was an interesting mix of machinery. I love the juxtapostion this creates, with cars that couldn't be more polar opposite parked next to one another.

Almost all cars in attendance had track access which was fantastic to see. The rare and interesting stuff is often parked in the background at these events so it was great to see the mix of machinery extend from the paddock onto the track.

This historic spec Mini Challenge car was my personal favourite. I'd love to have a go in one of these someday and learn the art of carrying speed through corners to keep momentum up. Outstanding little machines.

Big thanks to Simon and the wider Deane Motors team for hosting a fun, chilled out event. Although it'll be hard to top the 996T, I may bring a car of my own to the next one!


Event: Deane Motors Speed Meet

Location: Mondello Park

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