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The Cars Of The 79MM Car-Park

It was mid-afternoon on the Saturday of the 79th Members Meeting and for one reason or another I had to walk back to the hire car to grab something. On the way there, I couldn't help but notice the fantastic variety of interesting cars parked, almost all owned by spectators at the event.

So if there was a competition to photograph as many noteworthy cars as possible in one location, this would be my entry. Walking diagonally across the field to the hire car, this is what I came across.

Although my eye is curiously drawn towards that E39 estate lurking in the background, what better way to kick off than a bit of odd-ball rarity with this Noble M12 GTO.

Just a few paces away was a proper Italian supercar in this Lamborghini Murcielago, I'm not a super-car guy in the slightest so I can't tell you which model it is but I'm willing to bet LP-640?

I bet it is easier to count the number of car events that don't contain a R35 Nissan GT-R of some description than those that do. They really are common as muck.

The same cannot be said of this very rare 1972 Porsche 911 S 2.4L which made me properly stop in my tracks. Recaro seats, 15" wheels and Light Yellow paint make this lightweight 911 one of the very best drivers cars.

Speaking of drivers cars, is the latest generation TGR-Yaris the very best drivers car out there at the minute? I enjoyed the fact this one was caked in dirt.

Just a few cars away lay another piece of automotive history in this 1965 Porsche 912 featuring a tiny 1.6L 90HP engine and quirky '911 R' inspired round tail-lights.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum we find this MK3 Ford Focus RS which has been modified in true Ford owner fashion by ticking the 'make this look like a Ken Block car' box.

I absolutely love cars like this. You just know this workhorse of a W124 E-Class has seen a colourful life of hardship and long hauls.

Three 2-seater sports cars that are all very different from one another again highlighting the sheer variety that can be found in the fields around Goodwood.

Another bit of eighties lunacy hemmed in amongst the dull and drab cars of today. Possibly the ugliest Lamborghini ever?

Finally, I'll end with this Rover SD1 which was technically not in the car-park at all but was parked in a governors reserved space. I respect anyone who commutes in a full blown, liveried V8 racing car on centrelocks.


Location: Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit

Event: 79th Members Meeting

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