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Summer Preparation

17th September 2022. That's the last time I drove the 318IS. 7 months in storage is a bit shameful to say the least, but with my knee op and typical Irish weather, there just hasn't been a reason to resurrect the E30.

But with MLVW show happening this past Sunday, I figured there would be no better excuse than to pull the cover off and give the car a bit of TLC.

To be honest, there isn't much to write about in terms of updates on this car. Aside from a good clean, I don't have anything planned for the car, nor do I plan anything down the line. I'd love to put a full stainless steel exhaust system on it but I'm heavily prioritising non-car related travel this year and my bank account is running dry as is.

I've always wanted to get the car as low as possible but I'm at the limits of the BC Racing coilovers, especially at the rear. Playing around and adding some pre-load has allowed other owners to get their E30's lower so I decided to try that too but really, it made little difference.

Measuring the rear lip to arch gap at 70mm, the next step was to match that on the front which, if you're bothered, you can check-out below.

On a sidenote, making these little films has really given me some motivation to work on the car and has allowed me keep the creative juices flowing after some time away from the camera.

Two full days of machine polishing and this is where the car is. Pretty much its final form if I'm honest as I just want to enjoy it rather than spend money for the sake of it. I'm super thankful this is an E30 that needs absolutely nothing in terms of restoration.

Having said that, I would love to tidy up some of the road grime and general grubbiness that's on the chassis components so I'll probably take some time to de-grease everything and zinc plate a few nuts & bolts. I've also got a full set of Brembo brake hose to fit so that's in the pipeline too.

Priority number one is enjoyment though and that is what I intend to do this summer. I'll make sure I take the car northbound for Eurotreffen and if the ferry prices don't go insane, across the water to Rollhard in August.


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