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Rollhard Show 2022

I'm not gonna lie, when Saturday 13th August rolled around and a flight to Birmingham that afternoon waited, I wasn't really feeling it. Over the summer I'd lost a lot of motivation for cars, I'd parked my own BMW E30 project up and almost forgotten about it. I was pretty burnt out on cars, prioritising spending time with friends and enjoying my days spent in fresh air on the mountain bike so when my phone pinged to prompt Aer Lingus check-in, I almost hit decline.

The promise of great weather and nothing else planned ultimately changed my mind and writing this now, I'm so glad I did because any love for cars that I had lost over the last few months came flooding back in waves. Rollhard Show 2022 was absolutely outstanding in every way. The venue, the cars, the weather and most importantly, the people.

UK car shows are just different gravy to anything I've experience here in Ireland. There's a vibe that I can't really describe and I've only ever felt it when travelling across the water to these events. Everyone is so welcoming, happy to chat and stoked on each others cars, its infectious.

My car of the show was this simply incredible Porsche '993' 911 with GT2 styling. The owner had just fitted a set of BBS LMs, replacing the OEM Porsche Twists and I don't think he could have made a better choice.

A close second would be this beautiful little VW Derby. I'd spotted it at Players but it was great to get a closer look on Sunday. The quality of this built is off the scales.

Two cars that I've been keen to check out in person were George and Sams E46 M3 and E36 328i. Both lads have taken their BMWs to an incredible standard, with just the right amount of choice OEM+ and aftermarket modifications.

KJs MK2 Golf has such a unique, Japanese inspired style that you just can't help stopping for a second look. This thing is so cool to see on the move, the four open carbs barking on throttle.

A huge amount of gratitude must go to the amazing team behind this event. Dan, Matt, Jonny and the entire Rollhard crew should be proud of what they've achieved and I can't thank them enough for their welcoming attitude all weekend. Big love.


Event: Rollhard Show 2022

Location: Bicester Heritage

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