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Rollhard & Ludwicks Garage - The Pre-Meet

Two days before I was due to leave for Rollhard's 2022 event at Bicester Heritage my phone lit up with a notification. "Your train has been cancelled due to industrial strikes, we apologise for this inconvenience." Delightful. All trains from Birmingham Airport to Bicester had been cancelled and my only option was to catch one from the city centre.

Any hope of enjoying the Rollhard x Ludwicks Garage pre-meet that evening went clean out the window when I stepped on a bus to ride 45 minutes in scorching heat to the city centre to catch the busiest and slowest commuter train I've ever been on. It's 8PM by the time I arrive at my AirBnB and 8:15 before I get to the meet leaving just half an hour to catch the tail end before everyone left.

The effort was entirely worth it and it was amazing to see the friendly faces of the Rollhard team once again, enjoy the idle chat about cars and finally meet John Ludwick, someone I've enjoyed following and watching for years as he built some of the coolest patina preservations out there.

Many of the cars I admire in the UK scene were there too, Thom's 180SX a perfect example of how to build a OEM+ Type X kitted S-Chassis.

This little Corsa making its way from Belgium was extremely cool. Big boxed arches and fat little wheels is a look I can fully support.

Bens BMW 5-Series is a car I've been following for some time, watching his build updates on YouTube and generally looking forward to seeing it in person. It looks absolutely outstanding on the big Breytons.

The UK scene just has a different view on modified cars that you don't get anywhere else. I love this new trend that is emerging of taking rare, oddball models and specs and creating unique show cars, Joshs GX61 and Beinns E12 520i pictured here are a perfect example.

Big thanks to the RH crew for the invite, gutted I couldn't make the most of it but it laid the foundations for an absolutely cracking day that followed.


Event: Rollhard x Ludwicks Garage Pre-Meet Location: Bicester Heritage

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