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Rollhard Bicester Heritage 4.0

There was no way I was missing this one. Rollhard has quickly become the one show that will always be in my calendar. Not only have the RH team become good friends, but the location, cars and overall vibe of the show is unlike any other I've been to. It's hard to find an issue with RH x BH, but if you were trying to, it'd be that it simply ends too soon!

This season of automotive events and shows has been fractured for me and getting back into the swing of things was the main priority at RH. I've been itching to get my camera pointing at cars again, it's been over eight months since I've properly shot an event. 8AM on Sunday morning, sun shining and a long, steady stream of cars rolling into Bicester Aerodrome, man it just felt good. I wished I'd brought my E30, but that's a matter for another day. Before I get into highlighting a few favourites, a big thank-you must go to the amazing team of guys and girls who work tirelessly to make this show happen. Dan and co have created something that is very unique in the UK modified car scene and I cannot wait to see how much further they can push it.

Enough waffling, the cars are the focal point at a show like this so it makes sense to highlight a few. This Manila Green MK1 instantly caught my attention. I have a huge love for the euro-inspired visual of static lows and big offset wheels and this lovely little golf had that nailed. Interior, engine bay, bodywork were all absolutely immaculate too.

Jons' Prelude is another car that I'm always delighted to see. It's proof that all a car needs is a quality set of wheels and some trick suspension to become insanely cool. There's a fine line between good execution and over modifying a car but this Honda is firmly on the right side.

Parked across from the Wriggly Monkey Brewery was this pair of E21 3-Series. Two OG cars in the UK scene, it was very cool to see them parked together, one complimenting the other with slightly alternating styles. It really is hard to beat a classic BMW and BBS RS combination.

Finally, Sams BMW M3. E36's have grown on me enormously over the past few years, to the point I'd really like to own one. This build is pretty perfect for me. The closer I looked, the more subtle modifications I spotted. AP Racing brakes up front, carbon-kevlar Recaro Profi SPA's inside, a CAE shifter and full LTW spec aero package. It's a purposeful build with one thing in mind, going fast at track-days. Outstanding.


Location: Bicester Heritage

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