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Players Classic 2022

Players Classic at Goodwood. Wow. Where do I begin? There really isn't much left to be said about this show. Each year it gives a little bit more than the last, always improving, always pushing the boundaries and levels of what a car show should be. Outstanding location, outstanding quality.

As I usually do with show coverage, I'm just going to highlight a few cars that stood out. These aren't show winners or heavy hitting builds but more cars with tasteful modifications and good style that peaked my interest.

First on the list is this super clean Ford Escort RS Turbo S2. These cars have always intrigued me as the lesser loved classic Ford Escort, the Mk1 and Mk2 always stealing the limelight. The owner has re-built the original S2 RST wheels into 3-piece splits too. Outstanding stuff.

Emerald Green is one colour I absolutely love in a classic BMW and I've been following the build of this particular E28 for quite some time. The owner recently fitted these spicey stepped up, fully polished BBS RS and they really make the car, contrasting beautifully against he metallic green.

Sticking with E28s, I'd been looking forward to seeing this one. Alpine white, stupid low on coilovers and period correct wheels make for the perfect recipe in a classic BMW and thats exactly what has been nailed on the head here.

If I had to own a MK2 Golf (and some day I will), it'd be an early Type 19 shell. Small bumpers is the ultimate look in a classic Golf and this particular one, with plenty of USDM touchs, works so well dropped over facemounted BBS E52. Perfect execution.

Last but not least, my car of the show. Ben Szantos 1300 crossflow MK1 Escort. This car embodies everything I love about cars these days. Instantly recognisable shape, low stance and a rowdy N/A engine with barking trumpets under the bonnet. So much fun, so much style.

Finally, it was a dream come true to bring my own BMW E30 to Goodwood for the show. It was a large tick off the bucket list to park it on the main straight on Saturday evening and grab some photos in front of the prestigious pit-lane. The time, effort and considerable amount of money spent is all worth it for moments like this.


Event: Players Classic 2022

Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester

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