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Players Classic 2019

Written: March 2022

There really isn't much left to be said when it comes to my thoughts towards Goodwood and in particular, Players Classic. This place is the pinnacle of automotive heritage so it is only fitting that the best modified show in the world is held there.

I won't ramble too much about the show, I'll try let the photos do the talking so make sure you have a scroll through the gallery below. What I will do is highlight some of my favourite cars at the show. There was a lot to choose from but I've tried to narrow it down to a select few.

First up is Alex Wrights ABF G60 MK1 Golf. For me, this is the best MK1 in the world. Despite the fact it's static, it sits lower than most bagged MK1's and tucked up inside those arches are a set of BBS E30's. Perfection.

This was my first time seeing the car in person and it was every bit as impressive in the flesh as it is online.

I'm an E30 guy through and through. I doubt there will be a time in my life when I don't have one in my possession. However, cabrio E30's are awful to me, they just look odd. Alexandre's chromie is an exception, though. He'd made the journey over from France and it was super cool to see this car again having spotted it previously in Worthersee.

I have a serious soft spot for a spicy MK2 Escort and Darran's Harris Performance built car might just be my favourite, period. I've been in love since I laid eyes on it and was lucky enough to shoot this last summer for Rollhard so head over there to check that out. Cracking car.

Probably my favourite car at the show was this beige MK2 Golf on 17" face mounted BBS RS. The eagle eyed will know this now belongs to show organiser Jay, so he mustave seen something in it too. It showed up on Sunday and sat in incredible condition in the pitlane. I love the period correct touches, too.

Speaking of MK2s, another that stood out was this red Type 19 GTI with a fully shaved bay. There's a bit of a theme going on here as I think this one was static too, older cars just look so much better without bags in my opinion.

Last but certainly not least is another classic Ford. My first car was very nearly a MK1 Fiesta so I've still got a bit of a lust for one. This Nordic Blue one was a very simple build, good bodywork, steels and hydraulic suspension.

There are few shows I'd be keen to attend on a yearly basis but the Classic is most certainly on the list. As far as car shows go, it's pretty close to perfect I reckon.


Location: Goodwood Motor Circuit

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