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Lessons With Light

Written: March 2022

2017 was the year I properly began photographing cars. I'd shot some events the previous year and fallen in love with the art of capturing cars and highlighting their features. So one year later when show season began to roll around, I was keen to learn and progress.

Any car photographer will tell you it is particularly difficult to photograph a dark car in harsh lighting. You're either exposing for highlights and losing the shadows into the depths of blackness or blowing out the sky to have any hope of capturing darker areas such as the interior.

It takes real skill to shoot in these conditions, something my inexperienced self didn't realise when I asked Carl could I photograph his RS4 at peak springtime sunlight on the eve of Dubshed 2017.

I look back now and laugh at how unusable most of the images were. All manner of lighting disasters were going on and to be honest, I don't even think I realised at the time. Thankfully, editing these with the know-how I have now, I've been able to salvage the shots you see here. Sadly, any image of the interior is simply not good enough to share.

These are the shoots that helped me develop as a photographer and I made damn sure the features that followed were all completed on the cloudiest day possible. These days, I relish the challenge of tough lighting and love to use it to my creative advantage. Throw yourself in the deep end, people, you'll thank yourself for it later.


Location: Dubshed 2017, Belfast

Owner: @carl_1982_

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