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Killarney Historic Rally 2023

My fourth visit to the historics in Killarney felt a little different. There were a number of reasons for this, a sad reminder that some key names were missing on the entry list and no early morning blast up Molls Gap were just some of them.

But I was keen to try and enjoy the final event of 2023 in the best way possible and arriving at scrutiny on Friday evening, feeling the buzz of highly strung engines and taking in the smell of race fuel definitely helped.

Saturday morning arrived and stage two, a scenic ribbon of tarmac hugging the shoreline of Caragh Lake, was our chosen destination. Darkness broke into a cold, wet morning with driving wind and rain but as soon as the first cars came, the weather cleared and a fantastic day of action was in store.

Rallies like this, especially in Ireland, are often over saturated with the popular MK2 Escort, so its great to see some variation in the form of a handful of BMW M3's, Subaru Legacy's and Vauxhall Chevettes.

The historic category is a firm favourite of mine, too. Sure, the modified cars are much faster and far more advanced, but it really is hard to beat the sound of a singing BDA and period correct wheel sizing.

For me, half the love of rallying is just following it around the countryside. It's a proper adventure, waking up at the crack of dawn, trekking into stages before road closures and lighting the gas stove for a good cup of coffee.

I wanted to somehow try and capture the spirit of rallying, so I grabbed some clips and put together the short film below. Enjoy!


Killarney Historic Rally 2023

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