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Karl's Japanese MK3 Golf GTI

Written: March 2022

It's mid-April on a chilly Thursday evening and a we're down in a local underground car park talking nonsense. As it was the week after Dubshed, a few local lads still had their modified cars out and about so we arranged to meet and grab a few photos.

I particularly wanted to see Karl's silver MK3 GTi. I've always had a soft spot for the MK3, it's shape just works so perfectly and it is everything I imagine a Golf GTi should be and when they're tastefully modified, they look even better.

Karl's GTi is a Japanese import so it has plenty of rare and quirky parts, and these are complimented by some choice modifications like quad projector headlights and clear fog and indicator lenses.

Most notably, though, are the 15" BBS RS the car sits on. Small, wide wheels on these cars is a fantastic look and Karl is brave enough to drive this car extremely low everywhere. Yes, this isn't a MK3 on bags.

Silver on silver is quite the look too, despite most people thinking this colour is a bit bland. Red highlights in the heckblende garnish and bumper pinstripes break up the muted tones and nod towards the cars performance heritage.

Since this shoot, Karl has sold the MK3 and moved on but it still remains one of my favourite cars that graced the Irish car scene.


Location: Dublin, Ireland

Owner: Karl Jordan

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