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Karl's VW Golf GTI Edition 30

I've always enjoyed the cars Karl builds. When I first started going to local car meets, Karl's cars would be the ones that stood out. Just that extra bit of attention to detail and quality of finish that others overlooked. Those little details made all the difference, though.

Karl confesses himself that the MK5 platform is not his favourite. Of all the Volkswagens he has owned, the MK3 and MK4 have suited him best, oddly in 5 door shape. Having sold an S3, this Edition 30 was offered, which he reluctantly accepted and has owned since. That was half a year ago, which is strange, because usually cars only last in this mans possesion for a couple of weeks.

Physically unable to leave a car standard, the Golf was soon dropped on coilovers and an almost weekly range of different wheels were fitted. Fast forward to today and the Golf sits on Airlift Performance air suspension, which allows the car to drop arch to lip on some tasty BBS two piece wheels. A large pair of Brembo Aston Martin brakes sit behind the wheels up front.

The exterior remains quite standard, OEM more often than not looks best. Inside, Karl has continued this theme through tasteful upgrades of the head-unit, centre console and most importantly, the seats. The latter a comfortable pair of Recaro Wingbacks.

The Edition 30 in stock form is no slouch, but with a REVO tune, intake and Milltek exhaust system, the improvement in airflow allows for big power gains of over 330HP. Karl has installed a Forge catch canister to keep the TFSI running clean too.

This Edition 30 is undoubtedly one of the best in the country, finished to a beautifully high standard. We filmed a short feature video too, which you can enjoy below in 4K.


Owner: Karl Jordan (@edition30_karl)

Location: Sandyford, Dublin

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