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Jack's VW Golf MK6

Written August 2018 for Fitted State

Impulse buying. We’re all guilty of it. On a regular basis my bank account groans in pain as I spot something online or in person at an enticing price. Only the other day was I offered a very desirable car at a price I almost couldn’t refuse. After annoying myself for the best part of two days over it, I managed to move on and forget.

However, this was not the case for Jack Fanning, the owner of the maroon (yes, another golf that isn’t black) MK6 Golf on the page in front of you.

Jack had his heart set on something Jap. The idea of a JZX100 Chaser sat just right with him. However, on his first trip to Dubshed a few years ago, he got a sudden itch for something low and stancey. So when a bagged MK6 Golf came up for sale, he bought it. A classic spur of the moment decision.

Originally black in colour, the golf was soon stripped apart and Jack was quickly coming up with ideas to make the MK6 his own. He summoned a local bodyshop to conduct a full respray in a one off ‘blackberry’ maroon. Then, he added a healthy dosage of carbon fibre to the mirrors, splitter and rear spoiler and the exterior was on its way to ‘show standard’. Jack then upgraded the lighting department with custom ‘MK7 R look’ headlights and GTD LED tails.

Inside, Jack has created an interior he is proud of. Courtesy of Top Secret Evolution, a set of Recaro wingbacks were treated to a custom re-trim in leather and alcantara along with the steering wheel, gear stick and handbrake. The headliner was removed and re-trimmed with a unique hex design running the length of the car. This ties in with the same design on the two arm rests.

Like most show cars, the magic is in the wheels and Jack’s MK6 is no different. The Golf tucks on all four corners over a set of InfiniteWerks SS3 three piece wheels hand polished to a mirror finish. The stance is achieved through Airlift Performance 3P coupled with Hardrace camber arms.

With his mind slowly drifting back to the Chaser, Jack has some final tricks up his sleeve for the Golf along with potentially one final outing for the car to a certain town in southern Austria. If he’s anything like me, another 50 cars will catch his eye to lust after before then, but if we’re lucky, we might see these changes very soon.


Owner: Jack Fanning

Location: Waterford, Ireland

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