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Fitted UK 2018

Written August 2018 for Fitted State

Two weeks ago I sat down at my computer at home and on a spur of the moment thought, I checked the prices of flights to Manchester on Saturday 28th July. 15 minutes later, I was checking in online and booking a room with the premiere inn. This would be my first static car show in England.

Arriving on Saturday morning, I snuck into the venue. Walking fast and acting like I knew where I was going, I entered the first of the four massive halls. The size of this venue is unlike any other car show I’ve been to and hats off to the team at Fitted UK for filling it with an equally as impressive standard of cars. The fact there was cars I recognised from Europe travelling thousands of kilometres to this show speaks for itself.

One of those car’s was Alex Steff’s beautiful static BMW E9. Trailered from Germany for this event, this car is a former XS Carnight winner and once again picked up a Top 30 award at the show. Being a BMW enthusiast myself it was easy to appreciate the level of work that has gone into this stunning car.

For a predominantly German car show, the Japs always try and spoil the party. This JGTC Pennzoil liveried R33 was one of the most distinctive cars at the show and gave some true Gran Turismo nostalgia. This car grabbed a lot of attention as viewers imagined its 550hp RB26 twin turbo powering it around Suzuka.

Car of the show went to this Tempo Matador. A long way from running deliveries throughout the countryside, this 1951 truck has been fully restored by Limebug VW with a new bed built in the US and dropped on custom air suspension. A worthy winner.

Finally, FittedUK, thanks for having us for another year. The show had it all and we’ll be back next year for sure.


Event: Fitted UK 2018, Manchester UK

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