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First Impressions at Caffeine & Machine

Ever since C&M opened, I've wanted to visit the place, experience the vibe in the yard and check out the fascinating details the venue has to offer.

Having just driven over 340 miles inside 6 hours in the pouring rain, limbs were sore from lack of movement and stomachs were rumbling. C&M lends itself as the perfect rest stop, situated 10 minutes from the M40, just south of Birmingham and we were keen to make good use of it.

Thanks to the weather and to our disappointment, the yard was quite empty. Save for one or two stand-outs, there wasn't much to photograph but the location itself was what we had come to see.

I love how C&M have retained the rustic, ramshackle architecture intact, restoring what is needed to meet safety standards. Everywhere you look some little automotive themed detail stands out, from the signage to artifacts placed at random.

Elaborate murals have been painted on the walls of the various out buildings, helping us to remind ourselves why we enjoy our cars and that inclusivity is key.

We sat down and ordered some food and drinks and reflected on our journey to this little haven of automotive culture in the countryside. Just as our piping hot pizza arrived, it began to rain once more and we sought refuge inside the three giant teepees.

I found myself longing for something like this here in Ireland. A place where true car culture can be celebrated and the mcdonalds carpark hero is frowned upon.

Ideas of how I would personally run a venue like this circulated my head and then sense quickly kicked in realising I'd need a small fortune to over come the issue of funding such a place.

We left feeling refreshed and excited for the car filled weekend that lay ahead, heading further south in more rain to Porstmouth for Players Classic.


Location: Caffeine & Machine, UK

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