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Eurotreffen 2022

After the success of last years first edition of Eurotreffen, the GTINI team were keen to build on the lessons learnt and improve the show even more for 2022. The weather tried to play a part but a patchy day didn't dampen the atmosphere and turnout at this years show!

These days, decent Irish modified car shows are few and far between so I was keen to bring my BMW E30 out to Eurotreffen despite the weather radar looking very dodgy. Fresh off a lenghty 1,300km round trip to the UK, I had a few issues to sort on the 318IS before Saturdays journey to Larne. A bad vibration in the steering wheel was diagnosed as a loose camber plate and I had the two front wheels balanced while I was at it.

The shakedown for these changes was the journey to the show and in my half-awake state on Saturday morning, I was delighted to find the vibration had disappeared. Once again, the car handled this relatively minor journey flawlessly, probably its last long trip of this year.

So, the show itself. GTINI built on the success of last years show and brought in some new features for 2022. The new parking layout was a welcome addition for photographers (I hate cars parked in lines) and the drive-on stage was an outstanding feature that, despite the weather causing some issues, added a whole new aspect and vibe to the event, making things more engaging.

The overflow car park had cars parked in a random manor and there were some stand-outs that caught my eye. This Kamei kitted MK2 Golf van was excellent, as was a pair of simple, OEM+ E36 3-series'. I have an itch that needs to be scratched with one of these. Anyone got a clean one?

Huge thanks must go to the amazing GTINI team behind these events. These guys are the unsung heroes of the Irish modified car scene, hosting some of the best shows in the country and doing their utmost to keep the fire burning. They deserve all the respect we can give them. Lets hope for some sustained sunshine in 2023, eh?

If you see a photo of your car here that you'd like, just drop me a DM on Instagram!


Event: Eurotreffen 2022

Location: Larne, Northern Ireland

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