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Eurotreffen 2021

When Castlewellan show ended in 2018, we lost something great. The chilled out vibes, beautiful weather (usually) and stunning location all made for a proper good day out. In 2019, the summer lacked a high quality car event and it was noticeable.

I think the organisers, GTINI, noticed that too and with the forest park location no longer available for modified car activities, the hunt for a new venue began. Eurotreffen was born.

Of course, the china flu would rear its ugly head and try everything to have this event called off but after speaking with Nigel on the Sunday of Players Classic, I knew there was nothing that would stop he and his team from making it happen.

I've mentioned in previous posts that Irish modified car events can be a proper mixed bag. Without being disrespectful, I think it's fair to say 1 in every 4 cars at these events could be classed as an out-and-out show car.

Eurotreffen was no different. However, in no way did it take from the success of the event. You see, each person that parked in that field has a connection and a passion for the 4 wheeled machine they call their pride and joy.

And what's so great about events like Eurotreffen is that they celebrate that passion. There's no place for exclusivity or 'look at me' attitudes. The park up and chill out mantra was clear and it was so good to see everyone out enjoying their cars once again.

The only restriction was the cars on show had to be European and, naturally, this caused a heavy dosage of German machinery.

I joke that Northern Ireland is the land of the free these days, such is the level of restrictions and contradictory nonsense going on in the South.

So it was great to see a large number of southerners cross the border to get away from it all and enjoy their cars for the first time in over a year, probably.

Alongside his crew, Graham made the drive from Carlow in his static 6N Polo. It was the first time I'd seen this car (I think) and it was a firm favourite.

Sticking with the dark green theme, another standout was this bagged D2 S8 on 20" Audi Rotors. The presence this car had as it rolled in was something else. A proper land yacht.

Finally, before I waffle any longer, it was great to meet Jacob again with his stunning Audi RS4. We bumped into Jacob by pure chance on the boat home from Players Classic two weeks previous when he spotted Martin zigzagging his way over the air bridge boarding the ferry. We mentioned the show and told him he should come along and the effort was worth it as his RS4 won Car Of The Show on the day.

A huge thanks goes to the GTINI guys for the efforts they put in to host events like this and give us car nerds a place to express our passion. Lads, it doesn't go unnoticed!

Roll on 2022.


You can view most of my images from Eurotreffen in the gallery at the top of this post, however I do have more. If you would like to download an image of your car, just email me at or drop me a DM on Instagram.

Event: Eurotreffen 2021

Location: Blue Circle Sailing Club, Larne

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