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Conors BMW 525i E34

Written: May 2022

Right. Third time lucky. My fingers are firmly crossed that this will be the third and final time I publish a shoot of Conors incredible E34. You're probably wondering what on earth I'm on about so I suppose I better explain.

Back in 2019 Conor was working in Dublin and in the week before Players Classic (I think?) he had his E34 down with him, prepping it for the journey across the Irish sea. As he was local, I was keen to photograph it so we met on a lovely sunny evening and I shot the worst set of images I've ever taken. Great start.

From time to time, every photographer experiences an off day behind the camera and that evening was certainly one of those. I chalked it down to experience and moved on, knowing it wouldn't be long before I'd get a chance to see and shoot the E34 again.

Now from a photographers point of view, it is so much easier to mess up a shoot while on location than it is to screw up half decent images in post-production. However, somehow I managed to do just that and this time, it was far more embarrassing as the images made their way to Stanceworks.

If you find that article, shield your eyes as the colour grading on those images is horrifically bad. I can only assume I was suffering from double vision, or severe tiredness or perhaps an odd colour blinding disease as I can absolutely assure you, Conors E34 is not the shade of blue I portrayed it to be.

I really need to apologise to Conor and anyone who is unfortunate enough to read that article, it was a poor effort from me and hopefully, for the third time, I've got it right in this post.

Now that we have the explanations out of the way, we may aswell take a look at the beauty that is this highly modified E34 525i. The party piece of this car is no doubt under the bonnet where Conor has taken considerable time to tidy and tuck plenty of components to achieve a smooth, clean look.

That look continues to the exterior of the car where, coated in a stunning layer of San Marino Blue, lie some choice components from AC Schnitzer in the wing mirrors and boot spoiler. Currently the car runs a beautiful set of Work Meister S1s but at the time of this shoot, the E34 sat on wide ACS Type IIs.

The interior is tastefully modified too with a full re-trim in Harris tweed and Nappa leather by Optimus Automotive in Scotland. A pair of Cobra Nogaro seats, Coolerworx shift tower and Nardi steering wheel complete the touchpoints for an enhanced driving experience.

This 5-series is undoubtedly one of my favourite cars in Ireland, if not in Europe and I'm delighted to have a photo-set of it that I am happy with, even if it took three attempts to get there. Lets hope that never happens again...


Location: Somewhere in Northern Ireland

Owner: Conor Auld

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