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Cars & Coffee at Frank Keane BMW

I think all car enthusiasts have an affiliation of some degree to a certain brand of car. Generally, and as is the case for me, that affiliation is passed down through the generations. My father has always owned BMWs and, as a youngster, looking back through photos of his old cars there was always one model that stood out. A model I quickly fell in love with and subsequently ended up owning on three different occasions.

For me, there is nothing quite like a classic BMW and specifically, the E30. I take any occasion I get to celebrate the Bavarian brand and one of those was yesterday, at a cars & coffee event hosted by local BMW dealership, Frank Keane.

A firm favourite from the morning was this concours condition alpine white E34 M5. For me, M-system wheels just make these cars, with the rarer 'turbine' option seen here. It's quite remarkable how original this car is.

Fresh home from our 1100km road trip, I brought my new aquisition out for its first spin on Irish soil. I'm looking forward to swapping the suspension and wheels from my old car onto the 318IS in the coming weeks.

I've always loved Eoins 320i and it was great to finally see it in person and put a face to a name. It sits on coilovers over a set of 15" BBS Mahle and coupled with small bumpers, it looks absolutely ace. Eoin tells me he's just fitted a fresh M20B25 stroked to 2.8L pushing 200hp. I'd say its a riot to drive.

It was great to see this M3 once again too. A car that I saw regularly on the roads around home before it was sold into Frank Keanes impressive collection.

Cars and coffee events are often more about the people than the cars and it was great to catch up with good friends Conor and Nathan, Conor making the trip from Northern Ireland in his show-winning E34.

Huge thanks to Frank Keane BMW for hosting another amazing morning and recognising the enthusiasts that support a brand that, of late, has controversially alienated them.


Event: Cars and Coffee at Frank Keane BMW

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