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Barrys VW '2F' Polo

I feel like a bit of a stuck record but simple cars really are the best. Barrys Polo is simplicity in its ultimate form. He's taken an unassuming 1993 VW Polo, stuck some coilovers on it, dropped in a raspy engine and sat it on BBS RM's. Done. As simple as that.

And it just works. The second I spotted this car at Dubshed a few years ago, I was drawn to it. It's proof that modified cars don't need wild styling or insane power to stand out and look good.

Barrys recipe for the 2F Polo was pretty straightforward. He had a solid shell, so not much welding was required and he wanted to change the colour. So into the booth it went and out it came in a shade of metallic blue that almost appears green in certain light. He told me the paintcode name, but I've forgotten.

A little 1.4 VW ABD engine was pulled out of a MK3 golf and re-built. It's now got a carb, a fancy exhaust manifold and sounds like a wasp on full throttle. It's the most rowdy small engine I've ever heard.

Save for a small MOMO wheel, the interior is bone stock, again just to keep it simple. When you can preserve the goodness of nineties OEM design, why bother changing it? Sure, this car won't break the internet like some cars, but it's the simplicity of it all that makes it so enjoyable to me.


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