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Andy's W202 Mercedes C-Class

It was 2017, we were over at Fitted UK modified car show in Manchester and Andy announced he was purchasing this black 1998 C240 Mercedes-Benz.

Ireland doesn't have many cars like this. Highly modified, odd ball vehicles are few and far between. So when a good friend brought this one back, I was keen to shoot it.

The only issue is, Andy and his father are the type of car enthusiast that buys a car, parks it up and forgets about it.

So here we are, almost 3 years later and we finally arrange a shoot. On the same night Andy sells the car. Talk about timing.

This V6 powered German sedan (less superior to its BMW counterpart) sits extremely low over a set of Brabus 3-Piece split wheels thanks to custom built Airride System air suspension.

The exterior has been updated with a AMG front splitter and US spec rear tailgate. A custom straight through exhaust allows the V6 to be heard in the neighbouring village and the car stops through a set of M-Tech drilled and grooved discs.

Inside, the VIP look has been embraced with a custom interior and sound system.

This shoot was one of the reasons I enjoy cars and in particular, why I enjoy photographing them. The car was an excuse to meet-up, shoot the breeze, catch up on what Andy and I have been up to.

I filmed a short feature video on the car too, you can check it out below.


Owner: Andy Bracken

Location: Arklow, Wicklow

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