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Alan's Datsun Sunny Pickup for Stanceworks

While browsing some photographs of a local cars and coffee event, I came across this unique little pick-up truck. Cars like this are few and far between in Ireland so I dug a little deeper and contacted Alan, it's owner, about filming the truck.

With a date scheduled and the weather playing ball, I met Alan and his brother to film some clips of the truck in hope of putting together a cool feature film. Clips shot and with a few hours spare, we decided to take some photographs.

A few weeks later, in conversation with Mike from Stanceworks, he mentioned he would like to feature the Datsun Sunny. It's always an honour to see my work on the pages of respected site and community, and to share the cool builds that hail from this small island is a pleasure.

Alan's Datsun started life in Japan as a humble building site workhorse. On his return from the US and with plans of opening a custom bodyshop, Alan needed something unique to market his brand. The relatively unheard of Sunny pickup fitted that brief perfectly.

In standard trim, the Sunny is a small, unassuming vehicle so Alan new he needed something dramatic to make it stand out. Custom built Keystone Target Racing TR02 wheels were built for the truck, courtesy of Pine Engineering in New Zealand. These wide split wheels sit under 09 Racing Japan arches thanks to a custom Airlift Performance 3P suspension setup.

Inside, Alan has kept it simple. Takata harnesses keep him firmly seated in unique 09 Racing bucket seats and aside from a Nardi steering wheel, the utilitarian cabin remains pretty much stock.

This truck has not only been built to turn heads and get people talking but also to be enjoyed. As Alan says himself, the truck is just a gateway to meeting new people, promoting his business and enjoying life as a car enthusiast. Just as it should be.

You can read the full Stanceworks feature below, and stay tuned for a short 4K feature film coming soon.


Owner: Alan Dufficy (@d1suni)

Location: Meath, Ireland

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