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Aaron's Static BMW E46 Touring

This is the best E46 touring in the country.

Relax, let me explain.

You see, sometimes we take modified cars too seriously. Pour too much time and effort into them, always chasing perfection. The result? Well it usually results in a stunning piece of art, but it's a piece of art that is never really enjoyed how it should be. Never enjoyed as a car.

Aaron loves his cars obscenely low. Like, half the bumper under the surface of the road, low. I look at this car and laugh out loud, wondering how on earth it has survived long enough to be parked on the tarmac in front of me. But for Aaron, it's a lifestyle. He wouldn't have it any other way and that reason alone is why I like this car so much.

This touring has more gouges and scrapes ripped out of the front bumper than any other E46 on the road, but that's what makes it so good. Each of those marks tell a story, give the car a unique character and personality.

The touring is a Black Sapphire facelift genuine M-sport and it's absolutely slammed on coilovers wound down as far as they'll go. A set of 18" BBS RK tuck tyre on all four corners and aside from some shiney new trim mouldings, that's really it on the exterior. Proof that to have amazing style, a car doesn't need much at all.

Inside, the car is as functional as it gets. Black m-sport leather seats support whoever is travelling and the driver has the privalege of holding onto a re-trimmed alcantara m-sport steering wheel.

Other factory rarities include a widescreen headunit with built-in sat-nav. A luxury in 2002.

As I write this, just 3 days from Eurotreffen show, Aaron tells me he's lowered the car even further and sends a quick pic on Instagram as proof.

He's a nutter and there's no other word for it.


Owner: Aaron Berns (@chubbertyb)

Location: Dublin, Ireland

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