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Aaron's VW Golf MK3 VR6

Ever since early last year, when I began the idea of filming and showcasing the best cars Ireland has to offer, I’ve had the privilege of meeting new people, new cars and enjoying some of the unique stories behind them. One of the first was Aaron’s VW Golf MK3 VR6, which I filmed by the canals of Ireland’s midlands. Since, it has become the fastest growing video on my YouTube channel.

Previously owned by a good friend in the north of Ireland, he spotted this car at Dubshed and immediately fell in love. He had to have it. So his Polo was posted for sale and just a few weeks later he was the proud owner of this VW Golf MK3 VR6 in stunning metallic Dragon Green.

Aaron has worked on putting his own touch on the car since purchase. Making a car your own is one of the key elements of modifying cars, and original cars always stand out. Aaron has nailed it with this one, maintaining originality but adding subtle touches.

When it comes to modifying my own car, I’m hugely inspired by the classic euro approach of mesh split wheels, super low on coilovers and rare OEM+ parts. So Aaron’s VR6 MK3 fits right up my street. The Golf sits extremely low over 17" BBS LM split wheels which tuck just inside the arches through a set of ultra low coilovers.

Inside, a heated VW Colour Concept black leather interior has been fitted to complement the OEM look alongside a Fischer cassette changer and Votex mats.

The exterior of the car remains original with painted rubstrips providing a uniform look. Aaron has fitted a set of Hella colour magic clear tail lights which offset against the deep green perfectly.

I’ve been trying to work hard on my film making skill and having cool cars to shoot helps massively. Film shares the emotion of a car and its story in a way that photos never can and I’ve been making an effort to try capture as much of that as possible.

Enjoy Aaron's film below, on YouTube!


Owner: Aaron Berns (@chubbertyb)

Location: Allenwood, Meath

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