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A Mini With An Attitude

Joy of machine.

It's a phrase previously coined by and to be honest, I'm not fully sure I understood it on first impression but the more I experience car culture the more I am beginning to realise that the joy these machines bring us is exactly the reason why us enthusiasts love cars.

At some point, or at least I hope, we've all found ourselves sitting in the drivers seat with a big goofy grin from ear to ear, overcome by the thrill of the lump of metal surrounding us. I know I have anyway. It's these cars that have left a lasting impression on me and I find myself craving for that feeling at every possible opportunity.

I didn't ask him, but I'm fairly sure Ciaran, the owner of this little grey Mini, experienced that same feeling when chasing his brothers EP3 Civic Type R through twisting country lanes on a particularly warm summers evening last year.

The sun was beginning to set, there was a warm, dusty feeling in the air and the countryside was alive with the noise of straight cut gearbox whine and a high revving Swiftune 1380cc A-plus motor.

Ciaran has taken a lot of inspiration from Japan with this car, stripping it back to the bare necessities and in doing so, he has created a very raw driving experience. Mechanically, the Mini is as rapid as these cars get with the fully built and bored engine pushing it down the road at a crazy rate of knots.

Obviously the car needed the looks to match the considerable performance and Ciaran has nailed it perfectly. Nardo Grey with gloss black arches and an Old English White roof exude sixties minimalist style and the red Bride Zeta provides a perfect contrast against the muted colours.

A set 0f 10" Minilites are found on all four corners wrapped in Yokohama Advan A032R tyres. Everything about this car screams road-racer, right down to the exposed straps on the bonnet and centre exit exhaust.

From the day he laid eyes on it, Ciarans plan has always been fairly simple. This car is built to be driven. Nothing more, nothing less. Chasing his brothers Ep3 is no problem for this little car, its carb barking and snorting under the bonnet.

Experiencing this car is exactly what that phrase is about. It's a machine built to bring nothing but joy and it provides that in truck loads.


Location: Kilkenny, Ireland

Shot for Mini Magazine.

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