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The Goal

To create a seamless process for users (all customer facing sales staff) to create appraisals on customer vehicles during an appointment at the dealership. A simple user experience allows for easy and instant access to any vehicle appraisal. It will provide an improvement on the trade-in process, allowing complete control over how a vehicle is appraised.

Understanding The Problem

Improving process is a core element of effective vehicle sales. Windsor identified that vehicle appraisals was an area of the vehicle sale process that could be improved upon. Taking the current hard copy appraisal method and creating it digitally, fully integrated into the existing CRM. This would cut out any unknown, off the record elements to the appraisal process and provide a transparent, identifiable solution.

The Proposal

Following discussions with software solution partners, the items below were identified as the key requirements:

  • Mobile Web App Interface

  • Capture Customer Details

  • Retrieve vehicle information through Motorcheck AP

  • Capture Detailed Vehicle Information

  • Capture Vehicle Appearance Information, including images.

  • Calculated Approximate Reconditioning Costs based on information entered.

  • Business Process Flow to allow dealership manager assessment of appraisals.

  • D365 Dashboard for Appraisals

Style Guide

As the project had two elements, a customer facing portal and an internal portal, two seperate style guides were used. The first replicated themes found in Dynamics 365 to increase uniformity and ease of use throughout the CRM workflow. The second uses brand guidelines of Windsor Motor Group to provide the customer with a familiar, welcoming experience.


The portal was built on Microsoft Power Pages and replicates the Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard currently in use on Windsor Groups CRM. Navigation is a scrolling page with multiple mandatory fields and entry boxes. Dynamic elements such as the registration input box are connected to a Motorcheck API which returns information on the vehicle. A unique ‘frog’ diagram allows the sales executive to accurately mark any damage or defects on the vehicle.

Vehicle images are a crucial part of the appraisal process so consideration was given on what images are required and how many. The sales executive has the option of uploading from their camera roll or taking a photo as the form is filled out.


Throughout the proposal phase of this project, it was quickly identified that Windsor Group would require a customer facing version of the portal. This would follow the same steps as the internal version with some key elements removed. The end-user has the ability to provide their vehicle information to a sales executive without the need to be in dealership. Replicating an ‘app-like’ look and feel was essential and the use of Windsor Groups brand guidelines allows the app to come across as an extension of the online Windsor experience.

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