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The Challenge

Create a bespoke customer facing portal where users can populate basic user information, vehicle information via registration look-up and upload vehicle imagery. This will provide necessary information to sales teams allowing them to provide a buy-in price for the customers vehicle.

Understanding The Problem

With new vehicle stock shortages due to Brexit, COVID and the war in Ukraine, Windsor identified a need to increase used vehicle sales. Without a steady flow of trade-ins, the proposal was made to offer customers a buy-in service, allowing them to sell their car to the Windsor network.

The Proposal

Leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Power Pages and Dynamics 365 to manage and automate the Vehicle Appraisal and Lead Generation process. Power Pages will act as a public facing Vehicle Appraisal website, used to populate end-user information and vehicle buy-in information as part of the lead generation process. PDF document generation will allow for the information to be easily presented to the user.

Step 1 - The Design

I worked with a dedicated software developer to progress from the ideation phase through to early stages of design implementation. Using UX best practices to build wireframes in Figma enabled the software developer to produce a functional web application meeting our needs.

The user journey begins on the home-page wher ethey are presented with an option to input their registration plate. Once a Motorcheck API has returned a valid response, the end user is automatically directed to the lead input form where they will input their contact details alongside some vehicle information. On the second page of the lead input form, the user is presented with a number of image upload fields. On submission of the form, the user is shown a confirmation screen.

Behind the scenes, a lead is created using the information provided by the end user. The lead qualification process remains the same with this additional information stored against the regular lead.

Step 2 - The Build

The portal was built on Microsoft Power Pages and exposes a form to unauthenticated users. The experience presented to the end-user is simple and streamlined as users tend to abandon processes that take too long or are too complicated to complete.

In terms of style, the portal adopts an extension of the current brand guidelines while differentiating itself in a subtle manner. Colour scheme, fonts and images mirror that of However, in terms of functionality, the portal provides a richer, more interactive experience. Starting with a registration input, the website communicates directly with the MotorCheck API, allowing us to present returned information to the website user, and pre-populate selected fields on the website form.

Mockup - 2.png
Mockup - 1.png

Measuring Success

The process enabled the Windsor Group to purchase 40 vehicles from a total of 125 CBI leads, all of which received offers on their vehicles. This enabled Windsor to strenghten its stock portfolio in a time of stock shortage and consumer demand while providing the opportunity to offer the end-user the ability to purchase another new or used car from the Windsor dealer network.

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