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The Challenge

Utilising the in-house 'Customer Hub' call centre, there was a requirement to build an online booking diary which will go out to customers who are due a service on their vehicle. This enables the call centre to increase efficiency during the booking process and allows the customer to choose a time and date that suits them.

Understanding The User Journey

Historically, customers were emailed from a monthly marketing list pulled manually from the CRM database by the CRM team. This email highlighted to customers that their vehicle service was due and to make contact with their dealership.

Identifying an area in need of improvement, I looked at online booking diaries, fully integrated with Dynamics 365, and designed a semi-automated process that allows a customer book their vehicle service in minutes on their terms from the comfort of their mobile device.

Booking Page

The booking page is built using Microsoft Bookings platform. This allows us to create separate pages for each location (dealership) and specify lead times and opening hours for each.

On this form we ask for customer information such as full name, email and phone number. This is mandatory for lead creation within Dynamics 365.

We also ask for vehicle registration and basic information on known issues to speed up the booking process.

Email Design

A simple HTML email was created as a form of communication to the customer. These emails are sent on a monthly basis by the in-house CRM team.

The email contains dynamic customer information along with a link to the booking page outlined above.

We also include methods of contact and a brief paragraph of information on the benefits of a vehicle service with Windsor Motors.

Lead Creation

Using Power Automate, I built a flow that scrapes for booking page submissions. Once a submission is received, the flow creates a lead in CRM and maps the information garnered from the booking page to relevent fields on the lead in Dynamics 365.

The flow then sends an email to the customer hub to act as a notification that a booking has been recieved.

Measuring Success

During the roll-out phase of this project, Windsor experienced a 15% up-take in service bookings month-on-month. As the service was published to all dealerships, the increase in monthly bookings rose to 20% alongside improved efficiency in booking creation and fulfilment on the ground.

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